Urban fast charging made EaSy

Fast charger high utilization rate

EaVy Charging enables a fast charger to be shared along parking spots. Once one EV is charged, another one can start charging in a few seconds, independently if the previous EV unplugged and drove away. EaVy Charging fosters high utilization rates, contributing to a faster return on investment.

No need to queue to fast charge

Due to multiple parking spots, the probability to queue for connecting to an EaVy Charging System is significantly lower. In a conventional fast charger, an EV driver has to wait on site to be sure her/his EV will be the next to charge. With Eavy Charging, once the EV is parked, it can be connected to the system and will start charging once its charging slot has arrived, without any further intervention from the driver.

Pre-booking of a charging slot

EaVy Charging makes charging slots pre-booking possible. EV drivers can book ahead a charging slot. The EaVy Charging slot management software ensures a smooth coordination with other EVs connecting to the system. No more uncertainty regarding when and where to charge an EV.

High operational flexibility

Priority codes are available to enable high operational flexibility. A priority code gives the possibility to charge an EV before others previously connected to the system, under special conditions defined by the parking facility manager .

Attractive Design

EaVy Charging Systems are developed to match functionality and design. System housing protects equipment, has a great design and creates advertising opportunities.

How it works!